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Pine Cay the Meridian Club

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The Meridian Club, located on Pine Cay, is an 800-acre privately owned island with 13 unpretentious oceanfront lodging nestled amongst undisturbed dunes and sea grapes.

Casual by design, boasting comfortable king-sized beds, great showers and excellent food, The Meridian Club is ideal for families looking to disconnect from everyday stresses and reconnect with each other. Rooms are spacious with white-washed decor and elegant floral patterns, epitomising just what the resort stands for - relaxation and simplicity. Activities are varied but unplanned, except for daily snorkelling excursions to one of several excellent areas in the nearby national park reef. For many, relaxing on the beach with a good book or taking a walk together on the flawless beach is as strenuous as it gets. Other activities include biking, sailing, shelling, tennis and swimming in the freshwater pool.